60-hour forecasts available: LSUís Coastal Studies Web site to feature new model. December 25, 2006

Watching Waves: From storm-surge predictions to aiding the FBI, LSUís WAVCIS works September 28, 2006

Visit to N.C. whets appetite for BR growth (The Advocate) September 28, 2006

Greg Stone - Hurricane Katrina (Born and raised in Derry's waterside, Professor Greg Stone is the Head of the Coastal Studies Institute in the University of Louisiana, Baton Rouge. Greg is a globally respected academic and was a key voice in the recent Horizon programme which looked at the politics surrounding the research into global warming. He spoke to Mark about New Orleans one year after Hurricane Katrina, and his ongoing concerns about changing ocean patterns. )(BBC) August, 2006

New Monitoring System to Prepare Low-Lying Louisiana Coast for Deadly Storm Surges

Battered Beaches Get Sand Implant Jan. 30, 2006

Bush seeking another $1.5 billion for New Orleans levees December, 2005

Louisiana's Wetlands Struggle for Survival(Science) Nov., 2005

Disaster proves warnings true September 2, 2005

Awaiting Ivan in the Big Uneasy (Washington Post) September, 2005

New Orleans struggles in wake of deadliest hurricane (New Scientist) September 2, 2005

New Orleans Is Sinking September, 2005

NEW ORLEANS IN CHAOS: Disaster proves warnings true September 2, 2005

Congress makes strides on erosion April 17, 2005

LSU to study effect of Ship Shore April 11, 2005

Louisiana coastline could suffer because of Arctic warming, Sep.13 to Dec. 17, 2004

Louisianaís wetland erosion important issue, but not in presidential election, Sep. 13 to Dec. 17, 2004

Ivan's effect on beach 'Camille-like', Pensacola News Journal, Sep. 26, 2004

H. Ivan highlights future risk for New Orleans, Nature,  Sep. 23, 2004

New Orleans braces for the one, Northwest Herald,  Sep. 20, 2004

H. Ivan missed terrebonne parish - but what if it hadn't Sep. 19, 2004

Official fears New Orleans may wash out, AP and Washington Post, Sep. 15, 2004

Educational Outreach Sep. 10, 2004

Science of wetlands project wil aid coastal restoration, The Advocate,  Aug. 22, 2004

Dr. Gregory Stone Spoke at Americaís WETLAND Campaign to Save Coastal Louisiana, Washington DC,  June 1, 2004

Eroding coast makes state more vulnerable to storms June 1, 2004

Eye of the storm    Houma Today, Houma, Louisiana May 30, 2004

Data Management and Communications Plan for Research and Operational Integrated Ocean Observing Systems    Ocean US,  May 10, 2004

Hurricane Lili gave system its first test    The Advertizer, Lafayette, Louisiana April 3, 2003

Hurricane Lili's Sudden Demise Probed Nov 27, 2002

Watching the Waves, Gulf project to improve monitoring system off the coast of Louisiana The Advocate Online.

Surge protectorsThe Weather Channel  June 22, 2000

Research Improves Preparation for Next Hurricane SeasonDaily University Science News,  April 18, 2000

Louisiana Professor Taking The Guesswork Out Of Hurricane-Surge PredictionsScience Daily  April 17, 2000

New System tracks storm surgesDisaster News  April 3, 2000

New Monitoring System To Prepare Low-Lying Louisiana Coast For Deadly Storm Surges, Disaster Relief , March 29, 2000

Vital Gulf monitoring gap filled , Baton Rouge, August 19, 1999


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